Drunk Client Drives His Female Escort Crazy

Sex is an important part of a healthy adult lifestyle, though it should always be safe sex. Jacob, a middle-aged man who was a recent divorcee, needed to fulfill his sexual needs, did not want another relationship, but also wanted to be safe having sex with strangers. For the six months, while trying to heal from the heartbreak of his failed marriage, Jacob had gone without sex. Then one day he decided he needed some good wet pussy. He contacted Eve London escorts to hire a beautiful lady to have some wild and passionate sex with. The escort he chose had some resemblance to his former wife, though her boobs and ass were much more voluptuous.

Jacob had quite a few drinks as he tried to ease his nervousness before the escort arrived to the hotel room. When she finally arrived he was rather drunk. Without much thinking, Jacob took off his clothes and headed straight to bed. His introduction to her came in form of kisses on her mouth, followed by others on her neck, chest, boobs and going down to her pussy. He seemed to get even more energetic as time went by. He spent a good portion of his time stimulating Careen’s clit using his tongue. At some point, he could suckle the now elongated clit, prompting Careen to even become more audible. Her wide open legs even made it easier for Jacob to almost cover her pussy with his mouth while inserting his tongue deeper into it. Careen’s waist area could be mistaken for a moving caterpillar. He then took his belt off and tied Careens hands to one of the bed’s bars. She couldn’t resist it, her pussy was dripping and she had already had multiple orgasms. She had never had a client make her really feel this turned on and given her this much pleasure. He flipped her over, knelt behind her, and spanked her thoroughly. His mammoth size dick made a perfect entry, first into her wet pussy for a while, and then he took it out and slid it into her tight asshole. She tried to squirm away when he did this, but he held her tight and made her take his cock deep in her ass. Before she knew it her asshole was pulsing and her pussy was leaking all over the bed. She enjoyed every bit of it. It was a totally new experience and excellent level of sexual pleasure Careen got from this drunken client.

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