Where is your favorite place to have sex?

Do you have a favorite place to have sex? Sometimes when I am alone in my car driving somewhere, all sorts of crazy thoughts start to go through my head. The other day I had just dropped my boyfriend off at Gatwick when I got stuck in this traffic jam. There was nothing much to do, then to sit there and listen to music. But as George Michael’s Fast Love came on, I started to think about my favorite place to have sex. I suppose it is a bit of a cliché thought for a girl from a London escorts service, but there you go.

Starting with the nearest object, I could not imagine myself having sex on the bonnet of a car or in a car. One of the girls at the charlotte escorts agency I work for had sex over the bonnet on her boyfriend’s Jag and got nabbed by the police. I think that taught all of the girls at our London escorts service a lesson. Having sex in public places is never a good idea, and I had to giggle to myself at the thought of my London escorts friend with her ass up in the air being busted by a policeman.I am not strictly a bedroom girl but I am much more likely to have enjoy the comfort of the bedroom than the living room. Besides, I have all of my toys handy and I like the fact I can just reach for something special when I need it. Most London escorts have their personal secret sex toy drawer, and I am not an exception. In my opinion, any time is a good time to play with a sex toy. It is just one of those things London escorts are into. After the bedroom, I do like to have sex in the bathroom, and my lover seems to like that as well. When I come home from my London escorts shift I normally jump straight in the shower, and when I get out, he stands there waiting for me with a warm nice fluffy towel.

One thing leads to another and it is just as simple as that. It is the perfect end to the day as far as I am concerned, and then all you need to do is to curl up and go to sleep. I absolutely love it, and I think that the bathroom is indeed my perfect place to have sex. If you need to, you can always keep a few sex toys in the same drawer you keep the toothpaste.What about the kitchen? Well, I do think that most women have a thing about the kitchen table, and that applies to London escorts. I love the kitchen table and we have rather a sturdy one. It is not super kinky but it is kind of fun.

The washing machine is another cool place to have sex. It is all of those good vibrations which can really get a girl going. With a good quality washing machine around, you don’t need to worry about keeping sex toys in the bedroom. Am I kinky? Compared to other girls at London escorts, I really do not think that I am that kinky, but I do like a little bit of kink.

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