The latest thing in London is to date look a likes.

I am not sure where this idea has come from, but I guess that it is the latest trend in escorting. We don’t really have a lot of sexy girls at West Midland escorts who look like celebs, so we are not benefiting from the trend really. But we are still busy, but I guess that we could be busier at the same time.

Would I rush out and change my looks to fit in with a trend? I am pretty sure that I would not do so, but I heard of girls at other escort agencies in London who have been rushing out to try the latest surgery techniques. Some of them must be spending a fortune on changing their appearance and I genuinely hope that it pays off for them. But what are they going to do when the trends changes again? Bearing that in mind, I guess that is why so many girls at West Midland escorts are sticking to their normal looks.

I have spoken to the boss at West Midland escorts about this new trend, and he has said that he would rather stay away from it. It is not for this agency he says and he thinks that it makes the entire escort profession look cheap. I do agree with him. During the last few years I have worked for a range of escort agencies, from the cheap to the elite. I would agree that you can take on too many different dating styles, and I am not sure that it works out. It is better to stick to one and be really good at it.

Why do men become so hooked on celebs? I am sure that women do as well, but I seem to know more men who are seriously hooked on different celebs. This is a new trend among men as well, and I am not sure where it going. Men never used to be interested in celebs, but since we have started to see more sexy female celebs, men are really getting into celebs and I have actually been on dates with gents on behalf of West Midland escort and spent the entire date talking about celebs.

How do I feel about celebs? I think that there are too many celebs around and the rest of the girls at West Midland escorts seem to agree with me. A lot of the celebs which are around are made up celebs. They are not good at anything, and in fact, many of them are not special at all. We seem to have fallen for the American culture of celebs, and the surrounding culture. I personally find most celebs pretty fake. They are just trying to promote something and from what I can tell, it is all about money and even more money. It makes the world go around, but are we making too much of it.

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